36-hour express visa to Dubai

36-hour express visa to Dubai

A 36-hour express visa to Dubai is available for those who fly to the destination country with a transfer and delay at Dubai Airport. Getting an express visa is very easy, just fill out the application form on the website of the specialized authority. A 36-hour express visa to Dubai is free.

The 36-hour express visa provides opportunities for both tourists and businessmen.

    • This type of visa is suitable for businessmen if they need to visit the UAE to meet, negotiate or sign the necessary documents. If you open a company or a bank account, then having agreed in advance about the meeting, you can stipulate and prepare everything you need, start the process of company registration and initiate the process of obtaining a resident visa. If you use the services of consulting companies, then the specialists of these companies are able to collect a package of documents for absolutely all your needs, prepare everything necessary for the meeting and agree in advance with all parties.

    • For those who travel through Dubai, an extraordinary opportunity opens up. Tourists could visit the main attractions of Dubai in the interval between flights. No need to wait for a flight at the airport. There are representative offices of companies providing travel services at the airport. A tourist can freely book an express excursion by bus, which will pick him up from the airport, take him to popular places and deliver him back to the airport. The cost of such an excursion varies between $ 60-65.

Travelers are given the opportunity to visit the main attractions of Dubai - Burj Khalifa, fountains, shopping centers, beaches or other attractions. Tourists can go on a yacht tour and dine on board, or with their own eyes appreciate the beauty and modernity of the city and set in advance a goal to fly to Dubai on vacation or set up an own business.