27 07 2020

How to open a safe deposit box in Dubai, UAE?

How to open a safe deposit box in Dubai, UAE?

Why keep money under the mattress when it is available to ging a method that guarantee ease of use and complete safety. One of these tools is a safety deposit box, in which you can store documents, cash, gold, jewelry or any relics. By choosing this banking service, you can definitely sleep peacefully and not worry about the safety and security of your property.

Now we will consider the advantages of opening a safe deposit box in the United Arab Emirates. The first advantage is that the bank staff is not interested in the contents of the safe deposit box and does not have the right to do so. Therefore, the contents of the safe deposit box are completely confidential. It is worth remembering the list of items prohibited for storage, which concern not only the UAE, but the whole world. Prohibited items for storage include living things, drugs, weapons, explosive and life-threatening substances.

The second advantage is the zero connection between the bankruptcy of the bank and the contents of the safe deposit box. The bank owns the safe deposit boxes themselves, but you own the contents. Therefore, do not worry, in any case, you can easily pick up what you left for storage.

What do you need to open a safe deposit box in the United Arab Emirates?

1. First, you should conduct an analysis of banks providing such services, and then, in detail, study under what conditions you can open a safe deposit box. Emirates NBD Bank, for example, provides a safe deposit box rental service only for regular and reliable customers. Also, there must be a certain amount in the client's account.

2. The service of renting a safe is very popular in Dubai, thanks to the above mentioned reliability, so you need to inquire in advance about the availability of free safe deposit boxes. Today, people are often faced with a lack of free lockers. In order not to waste your time, it is better to clarify this point in advance with the bank representatives by phone.

3. And so, you analyzed the banks, selected a bank with suitable conditions for you and learned about the availability of free lockers. Now you need to visit the bank in person and draw up an agreement on opening a safe deposit box. You can specify in the agreement the terms of access for third parties, these can be partners, relatives, co-founder, etc. And an important point - if you plan to rent for a long time, so you need to plan the maximum number of safe deposit box visits. Calculate the approximate number of visits in advance.

To open a safe deposit box, bank employees will require your passport, and some may request a package of additional documents. A deposit is made to a bank account, the amount of the deposit varies from the selected bank. In most cases, access to a safe deposit box requires a passport, a contract (original), a safe key and a password.

4. And, perhaps, the most important point. The end of the storage period under the contract. It so happens that people simply forget about the ending, and the bank can exercise the right to open the safe deposit box and transfer the contents to the main bank. In this case, the client pays the related costs. To prevent this from happening, at the end of the storage period, you can extend the contract or simply take the contents.