29 09 2020

Dubai will again host exhibitions and conferences

Dubai will again host exhibitions and conferences

From September 15, 2020 The Department of Tourism made a decision to resume holding events in Dubai, which are related to conventions and exhibitions.

The corresponding document contains a list of activities available for holding. This list includes:

- Exhibitions, meetings at the local level, conferences, intensive tours - from 15.09.20;

- The above events and meetings at the international level - from 01.10.20;

- Entertainment events - from 15.09.20;

- Private parties, as well as weddings and funerals - no more than 10 people.

The situation in the Emirate is constantly under scrutiny and the Department of Tourism continues to notify any changes related to tourism and events. Also, consultations are carried out with the most competent skilled authorities of the Emirate. The position of the authorities remains unchanged, in the very first place is the health of all residents of the Emirate.

The order from the Department of Tourism was issued back in August 2020. The order indicated the admission of concerts, both outdoors and indoors, as well as mass events, for example, weddings.

The Department had at its disposal specific instructions on the observance of social distance norms. If we are talking about premises, then a person should have a free two-meter distance from all sides. In the halls where concerts are held, people can only sit in every 3rd seat, and there are no exceptions for VIP seats.

Social distance norms must be observed not only in the halls, but also in the ticket purchase areas, at the entrances and exits. Purchasing tickets through online services, which are available 24 hours a day, is encouraged. The viewer must come to the concert wearing a protective mask, it can be removed only after the seat is occupied.

Contacts between viewers and artists are strictly prohibited. The sale of products is permitted only in finished and packaged form. The hall is thoroughly disinfected on an ongoing basis. If we talk about nightclubs, then they are still banned.