16 09 2020

Trademark registration in the UAE under quarantine conditions

Trademark registration in the UAE under quarantine conditions

Perhaps, if you have your own business, you may have heard about the need for trademark registration. As practice shows, many entrepreneurs are very skeptical about this advice. In this article, we will try to talk about what trademarks are, what their main task is and what benefits are provided by registration during the epidemic.

Many businessmen, in the face of growth and scaling of their businesses, try to focus on growing profits, rather than protecting their brand. But we live in the world of technology and automation, competitors can appear in a matter of days. Of course, achieving financial performance in business can be considered the most important task, but you shouldn't lose sight of the task of protecting your brand in a highly competitive environment.

However, this concerns not only brand protection, but also recognition. Companies produce products that are virtually no different from each other. In this situation, a trademark is also important, which will distinguish your products from competitors and protect them. Also, it will help in popularizing the brand in the foreign and domestic markets.

In short, a trademark is your personal intellectual property, with which competitors cannot simply copy and use your brand. You will be assigned the claim rights in case of violation of your intellectual property rights. In particular, such a right applies to foreign companies.

So, what benefits does a businessman get when registering his unique trademark?

One of the most important documents required to complete the stages of registration of a trademark is a receipt confirming the payment of the corresponding fees.

The Ministry of Economy decided to change the list of fees charged for the provision of services of the following order: investments, innovations, commercial activities, entrepreneurship, trade, export and import, as well as production.

The changes affected the amount of fees charged for registration services for trademarks. The amount of fees decreased to 98%.

This decision was made to stimulate and support small and medium-sized businesses in the United Arab Emirates during the spread and fight against the consequences of the coronavirus.

In the current realities, everyone can see how much the UAE government is doing for entrepreneurship and investment in general. In many countries, businessmen simply closed their enterprises, but in the United Arab Emirates the situation is different, here they not only support existing businesses, but also actively contribute to the opening of new companies.