21 10 2020

Benefits of company migration to the UAE

Benefits of company migration to the UAE

If we consider the UAE as the best place for business migration, it is worth recalling that the Emirates is rightfully called the world's leading business hub in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Among the benefits that entrepreneurs receive when transferring their business to the United Arab Emirates, the following should be clearly noted:

- In the UAE there are practically no taxes on income of legal entities and individuals, and the VAT rate is only 5%;

- The UAE is not on the blacklists of offshore territories, and agreements on the avoidance of double taxation have been signed with more than 80 countries.

- Free repatriation of dividends, withdrawal of profits and capital;

- ("DIFC") or "Dubai International Financial Center" is one of the 8 most global financial centers in the world. Among the countries of the Persian Gulf, DIFC is the leader. When companies migrate to the UAE, businessmen have the opportunity to register with the DIFC and have an automatic advantage when entering the international market;

- Dubai financial zones recognize crypto business and provide crypto businessmen with real innovative opportunities for development;

- In the UAE, you can find almost all the world's most influential providers of business and financial services, banks and audit organizations;

- Infrastructure on a global scale. The UAE is located at the center of the main trade routes between continents, provides non-stop work for the logistics of international cargo thanks to a large number of ports and airports;

- The economy of the United Arab Emirates is one of the leading in the region;

- One of the best living standards in the world. The UAE has the highest level of security;

- One of the most important factors for any businessman is the stable political and economic situation in the country. Despite the fact that the UAE is governed by Sharia law, there is one of the most tolerant attitudes towards foreigners and tourists in the UAE.

- Also, an important factor is that the UAE is a very developed country for innovation and technology, which will provide crypto businessmen or entrepreneurs in the innovation sphere with the fastest rates of development.