10 09 2020

Business setup and development in 2020 in the UAE

Business setup and development in 2020 in the UAE

Already many investors consider the Arab Emirates as the largest business center in the world. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as: a high level of market diversification, combined with a high level of demand for export and import supplies; constantly developing economy; transport links on a global scale, which includes 170 shipping and 90 air lines. The authorities strongly support and encourage new startups. All this combination of factors makes the United Arab Emirates one of the most attractive places in the world for starting and running your own business.

For foreign businessmen carrying out their export or import business, the UAE offers a large number of growth opportunities. And, thanks to the growth of the tourist flow, the business is provided with a huge number of potential customers, whose number is inexorably growing from year to year.

The United Arab Emirates has the highest quality office and residential premises. For business conferences and various exhibitions, there are ultra-modern venues here.

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How to become a business owner in the United Arab Emirates in 2020?

More and more investors in the UAE are attracted by economic diversification and tourism.

There are government-approved business models for foreign investors in Dubai:

- registration of a representative office of an operating company or branch;

- direct sales;

- opening a company in the United Arab Emirates;

- agency agreements of a commercial nature;

- opening a company within one of more than 50 Free Economic Zones.

When opening a company inside a FEZ, you do not need to involve a local partner, and 100% of the shares can only belong to you. The United Arab Emirates constantly attracts the best specialists from all over the world, improves the business environment, which greatly simplifies the activities of entrepreneurs who decide to do business in the UAE.

Today, there are 3 types of companies available for businessmen to open:

- Local company. With the help of such a company, you can conduct business in the domestic market of the Arab Emirates, as well as around the world. It should be borne in mind that opening such a company requires a partner who is a citizen of the UAE.

- The company is inside the FEZ. Unlike a local company, there is no need for a local partner and 100% of the shares can be owned by a foreign investor. But there are restrictions on the conduct of activities, it can be carried out only within the FEZ or on the international market.

- Offshore. Such companies are most often chosen for the following purposes: international trade, assets security, for opening a holding, etc. Business activity is permitted outside the UAE.