13 07 2020

How to save on business development in the UAE?

How to save on business development in the UAE?

Young entrepreneurs seek to decrease their business expenses to increase profitability and get results.

We offer you some useful tips, how to save the budget during development.

   1. Listen to the views of employees and make a brainstorm in the office;

Many employees have special experience and knowledge in their field. They can optimize performance or eliminate unforeseen expenses.

   2. Freelance;

Hire freelancers or employees to work remotely. This will allow you to save on registration, insurance, social benefits, rent of work offices, etc.

   3. Free seminars and consultations;

Take a part in seminars and free consultations. Many business support and development centers organize various useful business seminars and train entrepreneurs to improve business literacy.

   4. Free software and applications;

Use free software and applications for accounting or other purposes. This will save on expensive utilities.

   5. Partnership with sellers and suppliers;

Build good relationships with your sellers and suppliers. This will help you get additional bonuses - reducing the cost of purchases or a credit paying window.

   6. Dealers and distributors;

Enter into partnerships with retail chains and intermediaries.

   7. Equipment rental;

If you have a start-up business, rent equipment instead of buying it. The cost of renting equipment is much lower than its purchase. This will help you avoid the risk of “downtime” of unused equipment.