13 07 2020

How to turn a hobby into a business in the UAE?

How to turn a hobby into a business in the UAE?

Have a hobby and would like to monetize it? Want your favorite activity to become your favorite job? Have enthusiasm and energy? These desires will help you realize and start your own business!

If you decide to turn your hobby into a business, you will need a license! Not all types of licenses can be obtained, as it is necessary to have certain certificates and diplomas. For example, a medical office or dentistry cannot be opened without a doctorate.

As an international center for startups, the UAE is actively attracting young and creative, smart and talented. Many activities are due to the need of company formation in the UAE, but for others, a regular freelancer license is sufficient!

    •   Good in taking shots? Open your photo and video workshop!

Dubai with its beauty is the dream for any tourist! Many visitors want to capture their amazing vacation in the Emirates and use the Photo services. Also, there are many holidays in the UAE, where photographers and videographers are invited. Many companies use the Photo services to advertise their business.

    •   Are you a good hairdresser? Try to open a beauty salon or a barbershop!

Opening a barbershop is a less expensive and more sought-after activity than opening a spa. People often refuse expensive procedures, but not a haircut. At the first stages, you can cut as a freelancer at home or rent a cabinet or a working space.

    •   Like to design and create your own clothes? Open a fashion studio!

Every woman wants to be individual. Regional and traditional features of the country dictate their fashion. Many citizens and residents of the UAE prefer to wear unique, designer clothes and accessories. Services of seamstresses and sewing ateliers are in great demand, because clothes from shops are not suitable for many or they dream of a dress from an haute couture magazine but cannot afford it.

    •   Are you involved in cars? Open a car service!

Every year the standard of living of UAE citizens and residents is increasing. There is a growing demand for beautiful and expensive cars, and therefore, for the repair and maintenance of these vehicles. Offer a quality service and your business will always be filled with customers!

    •   Fond of handicraft? Open a gift or souvenir shop!

If you know how to do something unique and creative, you can open your online store with souvenirs. Residents of the Emirates love to make gifts and decorate their homes with unusual interior items.

    •   Enjoy cooking? Open a bakery or produce homemade food with delivery!

Dynamic Dubai with its life rhythm determines the lack of free time among its residents. People work 6 days a week from morning to late evening and do not have the opportunity to cook at home.

Also, events are often held in Dubai, for which usually ordered a various number of snacks and pastries!

It is worth noting that it will not work to develop a business based on desire alone. As minimal investments are required for bureaucratic procedures, such as paperwork, company registration and obtaining a license. Also, it is worthwhile to understand that when you are setting up any business from scratch, your costs will be more than your income at first. The main thing is not to lose enthusiasm and move towards your business goal!