13 07 2020

Remote work in the UAE. Freelance

Remote work in the UAE. Freelance

When hiring a freelancer in the UAE, it is worth considering such factors that you most likely will not be in “live” contact with the freelancer, and all communication and arrangements will occur remotely. Therefore, you should pay attention to the attractiveness of a freelancer in terms of his human and professional qualities.

There are a huge number of special online platforms on which freelancers and employers post their offers of cooperation. When hiring an employee for remote work, pay attention to:

   1. Reviews;

Freelancers make their own face, performing quality and on time projects. The more positive reviews you have about a freelancer, the more likely you are to hire a qualified employee. Feel free to ask about the completed projects that the freelancer worked on.

   2. Communication and friendliness;

In the process of negotiations or searching for projects, you can evaluate how much a potential employee communicates with you ethically and kindly and how much he behaves appropriately and respectfully. Work ethic is one of the most important things in a productive collaboration between an employee and an employer.

    3. Responsibility;

During the negotiation process and the trial period monitor how much the employee is responsible. This quality will help you get the agreed result without additional control. Also, pay attention to how actively a freelancer gets in touch with you.

    4. Uniqueness;

Any employee tries to offer their employers unique knowledge or skills in order to overcome great competition in the freelance market. Many freelancers have project portfolios and resumes that describe all the achievements. This saves time in recruiting potential staff.

The tips listed above are suitable for employers who want to set up a business with remote workers and an interactive office and are looking for freelance employees to save money. Tips аlso suitable for freelancers who are in search of work and want to increase the demand for their services in the labor market.