13 07 2020

Small business. Top 5 ideas for small businesses

Small business. Top 5 ideas for small businesses

The UAE actively supports small business representatives in the country, which makes up more than 80% of the total business. Small and medium-sized businesses actively stimulate the development of the economy in all its sectors, therefore, the UAE has created all the conditions for entrepreneurs to ensure the influx of investors and businessmen from around the world. Among the main advantages are the absence of taxes, import and export duties, state support, etc.

In most cases, businessmen who have no initial capital investments go into small business. Therefore, we offer several ideas for business that even beginners can handle.

Among the most popular activities in the UAE that do not need huge investments are:

    1. Property management;

Many investors from all over the world prefer to invest in real estate, both commercial and residential. Any property will generate income if it will be properly administered. Some people purchase property for themselves but live in it no more than a month in a year. Such houses needs to be monitored and managed during periods of absence of its owners in the UAE. Open your own company providing real estate management or equipment rental services. This will provide you with customers  and a long term income, no matter if you have an office or active advertising.

    2. Tourist services;

The UAE receives hundreds of thousands of tourists who, coming to the UAE, want to get acquainted with all the beauties and features of the country. Engage in tourist services, arrange cooperation and agent representation of hotels, leisure tours and excursions. Earn on a % between agent and retail price.

    3. Caregiving services for children, retirees, cleaning or tutoring service;

You can start your small business with the provision of care services for the needy or tutoring. Large financial investments are not required, the most necessary resource is you and your knowledge. You can also organize a cleaning service and try to start administering communications between customers and employees who are happy to take up such work. The only one point in relation to your business will be the quality of provided services, which will help you to build up your client base quickly.

    4. Food delivery;

Many people in the UAE devote almost all their time to work. For many, the work schedule is not standardized. That affects the fact that people are increasingly buying ready-made food or semi-finished products. Homemade food delivery is always in high demand.

If you decide to engage in small business, you need to be hardworking, active and purposeful. These qualities will allow you to overcome competition and develop profitability of your business.