13 07 2020

The choice of office space or premises in the UAE

The choice of office space or premises in the UAE

Choosing the right office space for your company can have a huge impact on your business profitability. The location of the premises and their interior significantly affect the attitude of potential customers to the quality of your services or goods, and therefore to the company.

When choosing premises, you must adhere to the basic rules:

  1. The presence of a virtual or physical office;

For many companies operating online (IT specialists or freelancers) there is no need to rent a physical room. Therefore, first of all, any novice businessman should decide whether he really needs an office. A virtual office (Flexi-deck) will significantly reduce the cost of starting a business, especially for young entrepreneurs.

If, nevertheless, you need an office, you can use the service of brokers, consulting agents or special web-sites offering a huge selection of commercial real estate with any location and budget.

  2. Location;

The most important and main point when choosing premises is the location of the office. If your activity is not related to regular customer visits to your office, you should give preference to areas convenient for you in terms of transport connections. Many people choose offices in residential areas for their convenience, avoiding huge traffic jams on the way home. Such offices are much cheaper than offices in the city center.

If your business is registered in the FEZ, then the choice of office space is limited by the territory of your FEZ. In this case, if you have a company in the Free Economic Zone, but live, for example, in Dubai, you can rent a room in specialized business center.

  3. The size of retail premises;

When choosing premises, it is necessary to consider for what purposes the premises will be used, the availability of rooms for employees and customers, the estimated number of company employees, because the number of resident visas for employees is often determined by the premises size (1 visa for every 10 sq.m. of premises). The choice is often influenced by the possibility of “business growth” in the future, cause moving to a new office is financially more expensive.

  4. Type of premises;

As previously written, the purpose for which the room will be used affects its choice. For commercial purposes, you can only rent commercial premises with the presence of supporting documents (office and warehouse). The use of residential premises in commercial purpose is prohibited.