20 08 2020

The status of the UAE passport as the "strongest" in the world

The status of the UAE passport as the

The 2018 Passport Index confirmed that the UAE passport has been awarded the title of the strongest in the world.

A person who has the status of a citizen of the United Arab Emirates can visit many countries without a visa. Also, you can issue a visa document in 167 countries around the globe upon arrival.

The Passport Index divides countries into two main groups:

- the first group includes countries that do not need a visa at all;

- the second group includes countries where it is possible to issue a visa document upon arrival.

Currently, UAE passport holders can travel without obtaining prior visas to 165 countries. These countries make up more than 80% of the total number of countries that were included in the index rating. Holders of UAE citizenship have the full right to enter 113 countries of the world without a visa, and, upon arrival, can receive a permit to enter 54 countries of the world at customs control. Emirati citizens will need to apply for a permit to enter 31 countries.

Recently, a visa agreement was concluded between the United Arab Emirates and Mexico to abolish visas. Citizens of these two countries can now enter and leave with ordinary state passports without the need for a permit, and they can stay in the country for 180 days.

The UAE is currently in the process of introducing a new visa system. A renewable long-term 10-year visa can be obtained by:

- specialists in the field of medicine, science and technology;

- investors;

- entrepreneurs;

- talented workers of culture and art;

- highly qualified specialists in various fields.

High-performing students can also obtain a long-term visa for 5 years.

To obtain an investor resident visa in the UAE, you need to register your company in the UAE, for example, in one of the 40 Free Economic Zones of the UAE, after that it becomes possible to issue work visas for employees or resident visas for family members.