13 07 2020

Venture capital in the UAE

Venture capital in the UAE

Equity investment and venture capital financing are some of the most popular ways to get investments for startups in the UAE. Emirates is widely known throughout the world as an international business incubator for innovative and tech startups. There are a large number of specialized centers and funds for business beginners in the UAE/ These centers provide initial financing for projects, training and assistance in opening companies and developing a business.

The most widely known venture capital funds include:

    •  Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) is a Middle Eastern venture capital company that invests in innovative companies. A feature of this fund is that investments can be attracted at all stages of business development.

    •  Arzan Venture Capital has funded several well-known local projects like Careem and Jamalon. The fund is located in Dubai and provides a number of preliminary investment plans that may be useful in the early stages of new business development.

    •  BECO Capital is a fund with extensive experience in the technological and financial sectors. The BECO Foundation supports, stimulates and helps the development of new companies.

    •  Wamda Capital. The fund is located in the Dubai Design District and is considered as one of the most reliable. The fund has funded and contributed to the development of successful startups, such as Maktoob, Souq.com, Yemeksepeti (FoodonClick), Careem and many others.

    •  STC Ventures is an investment fund specializing in financing entrepreneurs and start-ups with businesses related to the expansion of technological capabilities in the region. STC is an independent venture capital fund.

Many entrepreneurs have good and promising business ideas, the implementation of which is often not enough capital. Venture capital funds are a great solution for those who are enthusiastic or have unique knowledge and technologies. In addition to funds, angel-investors are available to businessmen, who may be interested in your project and allocate funds for its development.