13 08 2020

What are the alternatives of starting a business in the UAE today?

What are the alternatives of starting a business in the UAE today?

It is believed that the main competitor of the UAE in terms of tax benefits for businessmen and investors is Cyprus. Such a conclusion can be made with a superficial comparison, but if you go deeper and disassemble the features, advantages, history and principles in detail, then you will understand that there is simply no question of comparison and competition from Cyprus. The United Arab Emirates has created an unrivaled environment for business opportunities as well as for everyday life. In order not to be unfounded, we have analyzed clear and illustrative arguments in favor of choosing the UAE below.

And so, what awaits you during the process of registering a company in the UAE:

- the standard of living is above average, absolute safety for you and your family;

- exemption from corporate and income tax;

- a stable position, both financially and politically;

- value added tax only 5%;

- a well-thought-out regulatory framework;

- you will have access to the markets of Africa and the Middle East;

- a high degree of reliability of banking institutions;

- constantly developing international infrastructure.

Now we are seeing a decline in the value of real estate, both commercial and residential, so it is worth taking advantage of such a chic chance to become the owner of real estate in the UAE. If you also want to buy real estate with favorable conditions and do not know how to implement your plans, just contact our company for detailed advice.

Also, it is worth mentioning one of the main advantages of Cyprus - the issuance of European citizenship. But the United Arab Emirates does not stand still on this issue and meets halfway businessmen and investors from all over the world. From May 2019, long-term visas for a period of 10 years became available. They are issued on special terms to entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and highly qualified workers. The continuous improvement of the business environment suggests that the UAE authorities are trying to show their favor and concern for foreign investors. This is what makes the UAE a country in which you will have nothing left but to grow up, using all the created business opportunities.