13 08 2020

What is the position of Dubai in the international arena?

What is the position of Dubai in the international arena?

An interesting study was conducted among businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world on the topic of which cities are most in demand for setting up a business. This research was carried out by the well-known company Jones Lang LaSalle. And so, the top three cities included: London, San Francisco and Dubai. Why does Dubai deserve a place in the top three? According to entrepreneurs, one of the most important factors is a convenient location for international trade, as well as the constant assistance of the state in improving the process of opening and doing business for foreign businessmen.

If you plunge into the history of Dubai, you can see the effective and rapid transformation of an oil-dependent city into a world-famous business center and a magnet for tourists from all over the world. A vivid proof of this fact is the holding of EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Undoubtedly, this city that really earned the right to host such a significant world exhibition on its territory.

After a peer review, the most important advantage of Dubai as a business city was highlighted. Dubai is very flexible and always keeps up with new trends. Of course, all this happens thanks to the government of the United Arab Emirates, which very closely monitors and controls the deadlines for the delivery of various projects, infrastructure improvements, and constantly improves legislation.

Experts note that Dubai is a city suitable not only for efficient business, but also having a number of significant advantages:

- has a growing economy;

- develops and applies innovations in all areas;

- has impressive indicators of the number of passengers and freight;

- organizes international events everywhere;

- has a large selection of real estate and high rates of return;

- the offices of the world's most famous companies are located in Dubai;

- has a large number of Free Economic Zones.

As a result of the research carried out, we can safely say that Dubai has established itself as a reliable and world-famous business center. It is clearly not going to slow down and does not stop conquering more and more new heights.

The UAE authorities are attracting foreign investment, which fosters exciting projects and the growth of the industrial sector.