Company formation

Registration of legal entities:

●  in any Emirate;

●  onshore, offshore, free zones, branches and representative offices;

●  full foreign ownership of the company and ownership with a local sponsor;

The types of companies that can be opened today in the UAE, their features and advantages.

    1. Company formation in the Free Economic Zone;

The most common type of company is a company registered in one of the Free Economic Zones. You, as a foreign investor, will be able to own such a company for 100%, it means, that shares can belong only to you for 100%. Such companies are exempted from corporate tax, as companies located outside the Free Zones in the UAE.

The authorities require a certain form of office for the company formation in the FEZ. If you have a small company, then in some FEZ you will be able to use “shared offices”, then you will not need a full-fledged office space. Many Free Economic Zones initially offer ready-made office space for newly registered companies.

The following are the main advantages of starting a business in the UAE in the FEZ:

    ● a foreign investor can own 100% of shares;

    ● no currency restrictions;

    ● no taxes on profits and capital gains;

    ● developed infrastructure;

    ● repatriation of capital and profit is possible;

    ● a wide range of professional workers;

    ● the possibility of obtaining a visa.

    2. Local company (mainland company) formation in Dubai;

If you have opened a company in the FEZ, then you will not be able to conduct activities outside the selected FEZ. For example, if you want to open an outlet in Dubai, you need to register a company in the UAE outside the Free Economic Zones. Such companies are called local or mainland companies.

Foreign investor can own a maximum of 49% of shares, the remaining 51% of shares should belong to citizens of the UAE (local sponsors) in such companies.

There is a way out of this situation, the search for a co-owner who will not claim profit and voice in the company.

The opportunity to rent a warehouse or office throughout the UAE outside the FEZ opens up for you. As well as obtaining a visa for yourself and your family members.

    3. Offshore company formation in the UAE;

On the territory of some FEZs you can register an offshore company. Its main distinguishing feature is the conduct of activities only outside the UAE. It is worth noting that opening a bank account for offshore companies involves tangible difficulties. An offshore owner cannot apply for a visa.

As you can see, there are opportunities in the UAE for everyone. If you need competent advice on business in the UAE, contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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