Employment in Free Economic Zones in the UAE

Employment in Free Economic Zones in the UAE

The number of foreigners coming to the UAE is growing every year. The UAE attracts highly qualified professionals from around the world with their capabilities. More than 80% of residents in the UAE are emigrants. A dynamically developing economy makes the country a better place for living and business and attracts businessmen and foreign investors.

There are active HR agencies (recruitment agencies), employment consultants and job sites aimed at assisting in finding a job for a talented specialist and finding qualified employees for an employer. They are closely work with the developed labor market in the UAE.

Advantages and features of hiring in the UAE:

    •  High salary;

Compared to similar positions in other countries, salaries in the UAE are one level higher. That provides an influx of highly qualified specialists from all countries.

    •  Social package and legal protection;

Employers adhere to the employment contract and the rules governing the rights and obligations of employees, otherwise the employer faces a fine.

    •  Career growth;

There is a career growth opportunity for all types of professionals, both qualified and unskilled.

    •  Lack of income tax;

There is no income tax in the country. 5% VAT applies to company income.

    •  Residence;

All organizational issues related to obtaining a resident visa and paperwork are provided by the employer.

    •  Medical insurance;

Employers must pay insurance for their employees, if specified in the contract.

    •  Labor contract;

The presence of an employment contract is mandatory. It ensures security and describes the rights and obligations of each party, wages, insurance, living conditions, etc.

    •  Probation;

The probationary period is prescribed in the employment contract. It can last from 1 to 6 months.

 Workers employed in the UAE are entitled to:

     •  annual 30-day vacation;

    •  a ticket to your country at the expense of the employer (once a year);

    •  at least one day off per week;

    •  paid state holidays and weekends;

    •  medical insurance;

    •  paid sick leave (40 days a year).

Standard working day is 8 hours. Weekends are Friday and Saturday. However, many companies working with Europe or America may have their own work schedules, due to temporary and traditional features. The main working language is English. A foreigner who comes to work in the UAE is not required to speak Arabic. The Arabic language is needed mainly for employment in state-owned companies.