Mainland company

Mainland company

If you want to open a business that will carry out activities in all the UAE within the UAE market, you need to open a local (mainland) company. In the UAE, most often local companies open in the form of LLC (Limited Liability Company). The main feature and difference of the mainland company is that upon registration, a local partner (lsponsor) is required. The amount of company stakes that may belong to a foreigner is maximum 49%. The sponsor (UAE citizen) must own a minimum stake of 51%.

Many foreign investors felt the friendly environment for the development of entrepreneurial activity and felt the advantages that they receive when opening local LLC companies. In the Emirates, companies in the form of LLC have gained great popularity. The UAE is famous for the stability and reliability of space to achieve unprecedented heights in business. Also, the UAE is a state with the lowest possible level of crime.

Faced with the procedure for opening an LLC company, many businessmen mistakenly believe that the opening process will be time-consuming and lengthy. In fact, this is not so, especially if you entrust all these procedures to professionals in their field who are able to quickly and efficiently prepare all the necessary documents and carry out the entire registration procedure in the shortest possible time.

It is worth noting that such a global financial center as London, appreciated Dubai, as a place where the financial services industry is developing at an impressive pace. Customers of Dubai banks get a wide range of different opportunities to solve their business problems in the field of finance.

The UAE has taken a huge step in the field of security. For example, you can definitely not worry about your intellectual property. The UAE at the global level has received the title of leader in the field of confidentiality and protection of commercial rights. All this is done in order to become a leader in the field of modern technology and timely suppress any economic crime.

You will not find a better place than Dubai to open a regional representative office of an international company. This city actively maintains its reputation as the epicenter of investment and capital.

The UAE is doing everything necessary to reduce the barriers to foreign financing. The country is a member of the WTO and is a party to many international agreements. The Department of Economic Development regulates the entire process of starting a business, registration and obtaining the relevant certificates and licenses.