How to register a company in the UAE? Stages

How to register a company in the UAE? Stages

First of all, we would like to note that our company will be able to provide professional assistance in company formation of any size in the UAE. From our side, there are no restrictions on the type of activity, so we are sure that by contacting us, you will definitely receive qualified assistance in opening a business in the Arab Emirates. To understand the stages of starting a business in Dubai, we have described the stages of company registration in the UAE.

7 necessary steps to setup a business in the UAE:

1 - Choose a reliable agent with a license;

At the very beginning of the journey, you should decide in which Emirate you will open a company. Why is it so important? Each Emirate has its own rules, advantages and restrictions, so it is worth choosing exactly the Emirate that will fully meet the objectives of your business and will help it grow at a fast pace. The next point is the selection of an agent. There are many laws and regulations in the UAE, and the agent must have the proper experience, a reliable team and, of course, a license.

What does an agent do and what is he responsible for? First of all, it is the solution of complex tasks related to business administration. From the agent you will receive all the answers to your questions. For example, our company, due to the formed experience, can easily help in making the right decisions in difficult situations.

It is possible to form a business in the United Arab Emirates in several ways. Which method to choose is not your task, your task is to choose a professional agent, and he, in turn, will determine the most convenient and suitable registration method.

2 - Determine the type of activity;

Depending on the type of activity, the registered companies receive an appropriate license. In most cases, it is enough to get regular licenses, but there are areas where a special one is needed. Such areas can be medicine, education, etc.

3 - Select the type of company;

Today you can register: a limited liability company, an offshore company or an onshore one. Which type of company should you choose? It depends on the ownership and the type of activity chosen. All three legal forms have their own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages.

4 - Decide on the name of the company;

When choosing a name, keep in mind that it must be associated with your field of activity. Trade names of companies are regulated by the Department of Economic Development. If your company is registered in the Free Economic Zone, then the trade name may come under additional regulation from the FEZ. Recall that business registration in the UAE is available for any foreign citizen.

5 - Resolve the issue of share capital and business managers;

At the very beginning of the journey, the issue of paying share capital usually does not arise, but in the future, it will be necessary, therefore, we recommend you to consider this issue in advance. Also, it is worth making a decision regarding the company’s management and shareholders.

6 – Selection of a suitable bank;

We would like to note the highest standards of banking institutions in the UAE. To date, more than 45 foreign and local banks operate in the United Arab Emirates. Analyze existing offers and choose a suitable bank to open an account.

7 - Selection of office space;

Also, you should conduct an analysis and choose the option that is optimal in terms of infrastructure and price. At the expense of the professionalism of the employees, you can not worry, some of the best specialists in various fields of activity work in the UAE market.