02 09 2020

7 different sides of Dubai

7 different sides of Dubai

In this article, we'll show you 7 completely different sides of Dubai. Perhaps, from this point of view, you have not yet looked at this magnificent city, which has rightfully become one of the best cities in the world for an unforgettable vacation.

1 - Gastronomy;

Dubai conquers more and more gastronomic heights every year. It is worth noting that right now the formation of the Emirates as a gastronomic center of the Persian Gulf is taking place. You can easily find restaurants in Dubai for every taste and budget. World-famous restaurants with the largest number of Michelin stars are open in Dubai. The city has an excellent level of molecular cuisine, the level of which is so high that it can be called a real art.

2 - History;

If you want to get to know more about historical artifacts found in the UAE in the distant past, then you should definitely visit the Saruq Al Hadid Archeology Museum. The museum opened its doors to visitors a few years ago and is very popular not only among tourists, but also among local residents.

3- Excitement;

It will be about one of the most beloved gambling entertainments of local residents of Dubai - camel racing. Camel races are held at the Meydan Hippodrome, which is the largest in operation. The racing season kicks off in November and is accompanied by a great show and fireworks. But at the end of January, the International Race Carnival begins, which ends with the World Cup. Almost all residents of Dubai want to get to the races, so you should take care of buying tickets in advance. It is worth mentioning a very important point regarding the style of clothing. If you do not follow a certain dress code, then you will not be allowed to the racetrack, even if you have a ticket.

4- Winter;

Have you ever imagined skiing in the summer? In Dubai, where summer and the scorching sun are all year round, people can entertain themselves and skate and ski from several ski slopes of various difficulty levels throughout the year. This became possible thanks to the implementation of a project called Sky Dubai, where ski slopes, as well as snowboarding and bobsleigh tracks are located. For children there are ice caves, playgrounds and a penguinarium. The ski area takes up more space than three soccer fields. Installed guns that generate snow with a volume of more than 30 tons per day. A great place for both extreme and family holidays.

5 - Refinement;

The famous opera house in Dubai. The opening took place in 2016 in the presence of Placido Domingo himself. The building of the opera house itself is very versatile and capable of holding various types of events. The acoustics and design are very impressive even for the sophisticated viewer. Many world stars have already visited the stage of the Dubai Opera.

6 - Authenticity;

Dubai began with small buildings in the late 19th century. The buildings were erected by merchants near the Dubai Creek. Today this area is called “Bastakia”. Year after year, from a simple fishing area, the settlement has grown to a real and promising city. In the 80s, the sheikh decided to completely rebuild the area. Many influential citizens and foreigners opposed this idea, but only Prince Charles could convince the sheikh. Thanks to him, we can plunge into and see authentic Dubai.

7- Luxury;

There are not only skyscrapers in Dubai, but also real palaces. A clear example is the house-palace of Sheikh Said, who wanted to see the ships plying right from his window. The house was built on the seashore in the 19th century and has been well preserved to this day. He became an example for further buildings in Dubai. As you enter the palace, you will see many different exhibitions with historical references to the history of Dubai and a wonderful library.