14 07 2020

Delivery of documents and goods in the UAE

Delivery of documents and goods in the UAE

Delivery of documents or goods through courier and logistics companies is a very important and sought-after service, especially for entrepreneurs and businessmen. The logistics system in the UAE boasts its clear work, highly developed maritime and air infrastructure. Thanks to well-coordinated work, goods are delivered as quickly and reliably as possible. Speed of delivery, cargo safety and service availability are the main conditions for successful cargo transportation.

The geographical position between Europe and Asia favorably affects the development of logistics in the Emirates. The UAE has a large number of transport hubs. Most of the international air travel occurs through the airports of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah. Regarding sea cargo, the main ports are those in Zayed, Saeed, Dubai, Khalifa and Jebel Ali. One of the main indicators in the transportation of goods is the timing. Delivery by air takes up to 3-5 days, sea delivery can take up to twenty days.

Organizing the delivery of goods to the UAE, one should not mention the list of items prohibited for delivery to the country. Also, during the holidays, delivery is not carried out. There may be restrictions associated with the dimensions of the goods. Therefore, always check the necessary information in advance.

The list of prohibited items includes:

    •  Absolutely any weapon;

    •  Drug substances;

    •  Values of art;

    •  Drag metals;

    •  Explosives;

    •  Equipment with a built-in camera;

    •  Electro-cigarettes;

    •  Items that may offend Muslim culture, also pornographic materials;

    •  Various radars.

Against all these advantages, delivery to the UAE is not expensive. The price may depend on several factors: courier service, delivery vehicles and delivery times. You can order delivery to all major cities in the UAE.

You can use international companies (DHL, TNT, Aramex) to deliver documents or do this using your local postal and courier services, for example, Emirates Post Group. You can familiarize yourself with the detailed information, leave a request and calculate the cost directly on the company's website.