02 09 2020

Essentials to take with you to Dubai

Essentials to take with you to Dubai

If you have not been to the United Arab Emirates, then you should visit this country, as well as spend your vacation here. Holidays in the UAE will be remembered by you as the hottest beaches in the world, acquaintance with life and religion. Not very comfortable desert climate will push you to take special care of your skin.

1 - Wardrobe;

In all the Eastern countries of the world, appearance is important and the United Arab Emirates is no exception. The inhabitants of the UAE adhere to puritanical customs, both towards tourists and towards themselves. If we take Thailand as an example, then there is a tacit dissatisfaction with the provocatively dressed foreigners, or, at most, you can get a warning from the police. Such behavior in the Emirates will be punished with a large fine, possible detention with filling out a protocol at the station.

Everyday use should include:

- open, comfortable shoes, as well as slippers for the beach;

- for women - linen dresses with long sleeves or blouses, as well as, preferably, a closed swimsuit (bikinis are allowed only on the territory of the hotel);

- for men - breeches below the knee or trousers;

- to sleep you must have pajamas and change of underwear;

- hats.

Walking along the streets of Dubai or Abu Dhabi in short (mini) dresses with an open neckline is prohibited by law, even visiting nightclubs in this form is prohibited.

2 - First aid kit;

Eastern food is not suitable for every European stomach, so digestive upsets can occur. Moving from the hot sun to an air-conditioned room can cause colds, which can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is important to know that every tourist should have a mini-first-aid kit, and it should include a disinfectant, antiseptics, pills to reduce fever, cold and pain relievers, a spray for nasal congestion, remedies for nausea and diarrhea, as well as personal medicines if necessary (with a prescription and a doctor's seal).

3 - Facial care and personal hygiene products;

In many UAE hotels you can find disposable shower gel, soap, shampoo. If your hotel is not top class, then you will not see any shampoo or shower gel. Buying hygiene products is not cheap compared to European prices. When going on a trip, do not forget to bring with you toothbrush and paste, deodorant, shaving products, loofah, sunscreen and necessary cosmetics.

Also, it is advisable for every UAE tourist to have with him a Russian-Arabic, Russian-English or English-Arabic phrasebook, chargers for a phone and a camera.