21 10 2020

Etihad plans to launch flights to Israel

Etihad plans to launch flights to Israel

Etihad, the national carrier in the UAE, plans to launch commercial passenger flights from the UAE to Israel. This decision was made in connection with the signing of an agreement on diplomatic cooperation and plans to normalize relations between the two countries.

The Etihad plane was the first cargo board to arrive from the Gulf region. There were medicines and other humanitarian aid sent to the inhabitants of Palestine on board. The first flight landed in May 2020.

The second flight to Israel took place in June 2020. Now the airlines of the two countries are awaiting the signing of an international agreement on air cargo transportation.

As for passenger flights, their launch is planned to be weekly, direct flights will fly between two capitals - Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. While negotiations are underway and additional agreements are signed to strengthen economic cooperation between two countries, travelers from Israel can fly in transit through the Emirates. Direct passenger services for Israeli tourists wishing to visit the UAE are not yet open.

The signing of an agreement on diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel took place on September 15 in Washington, with the mediation of Donald Trump. The next day, the first Israeli cargo plane was dispatched and landed in Dubai. A delegation from Israel arrived in the United Arab Emirates on August 31, 2020 on the first commercial flight of the Israeli airline EL AL.

Also, we note another important historical date that marked the beginning of a long-term and promising relationship between Arabs and Jews, namely, August 29, 2020. His Highness The Honorable Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is also the President of the United Arab Emirates, introduced a decree that cancels the "boycott" against Israel in all areas, including economic. Thanks to the presidential decree, companies were able to conclude lucrative contracts and conduct financial transactions with Israel. Also, for businessmen from both countries, avenues for open import and export were opened.