14 07 2020

Finds in a taxi and Dubai metro

Finds in a taxi and Dubai metro

Every year, the UAE is visited by thousands of tourists. For their movement around the city, they actively use the metro, other public transport and taxis. Residents of the country who also use taxi and public transport services for their daily needs should also be added to the list of tourists.

Undoubtedly, traveling around the city, enjoying the beauty and design of Dubai's skyscrapers, some of the travelers can forget their personal belongings in transport. In 2019, the forgotten cash amounted to about 700 thousand dirhams ($ 191 thousand) was returned to their respective owners. Sometimes finds are surprising to the point of absurdity - there are cases when the amount of the find could reach $ 40 thousand.

The list of the most popular things that travelers forget is:

    •  Mobile phones, tablets, laptops;

    •  Outerwear (especially relevant for travelers who flew to the UAE from countries with a cold climate);

    •  Luggage, travel and personal bags;

    •  Jewelry and precious metals (there were cases that travelers could forget gold bullion);

    •  Passports and other documents;

    •  Food;

    •  Baby carriages and toys;

    •  Pets in carrying;

All forgotten things are transferred to the lost property department of the Ministry of Transport and Roads. Also, in every Emirate there is a Lost and Found department, where people bring lost items found on the streets, beaches and shopping centers. Of course, there are the same departments in every shopping and entertainment center.

If you have lost or forgotten your things in the UAE, then in 90% of cases you will be able to find them. Emirates are considered as one of the safest countries, and residents have high ethical standards and are always ready to help others who are in need.