10 09 2020

Opening of a snow park in Abu Dhabi

Opening of a snow park in Abu Dhabi

Almost all major projects in the United Arab Emirates are accompanied by the word “the most”, and Snow Abu Dhabi has not lost this title either, because it is one of the largest in the world and the largest covered ice and snow park. The park is located in a shopping complex called Reem Mall, located on the island of Al-Rim. The opening is planned for 2020, of course, provided that the coronavirus does not spoil everything.

The park is equipped with 13 different amusement rides and slides. The territory of the park reaches 125 thousand square feets. The temperature inside the park is maintained at -2 degrees Celsius on a constant basis. The first thing that guests of the park will see is the Blizzard's Bazaar, which offers preparatory procedures before the snow fun, namely, to buy clothes that match the temperature and various little things to remember.

Immediately after the bazaar, guests find themselves in a place where you can and should leave snowballs and carry out a mini adventure through the labyrinths of ice - the Snowflake Garden. A lot of attention will be drawn to the Crystal Carousel, decorated with figures of various animals and magical characters.

The highlight of the program is the Magic Tree. It rises like a dome over a whole park. You can get to it if you climb up Flurries' Mountain.

The world's largest park with its own theme is part of a massive $ 1.2 billion project from Reem Mall. A collection of excellent amusement parks with various themes will be replenished in the capital. Currently, there are such projects as: Ferrari World, World, Warner Bros, Clymb and many others.

The most famous element of the capital's collection is the Ferrari World park, which is able to offer visitors a wide range of different themed attractions and themed entertainment services. There are also the largest Ferrari Store and various Italian restaurants and cafes of international class.

On Yas Island you can experience comic and superhero flair with Warner Bros. Theme Park. There are 6 different thematic zones and 29 ultra-modern attractions, special shows, interactive for the whole family.

Guests will not bypass the sides of all the most popular DC superheroes, who will come to life with the help of the latest technology and a realistic environment created. The complex has a large number of cafes and restaurants with themed decor and food.

Also, you can visit the world's largest Clymb climbing wall on Yas Island. The height of the wall reaches 43 meters and consists of 4 sections for different levels.