14 07 2020

The UAE is committed to improving the environment.

The UAE is committed to improving the environment.

In the modern world, more countries are beginning to pursue an active policy of introducing various technological innovations that can provide all the usual human needs without harming the country's ecology.

Modern cars are re-equipped with electric motors, which helps to reduce toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere. This technique may include construction equipment, as well as aircraft and cars.

Residents of the UAE actively support this initiative and are acquiring cars with electric motors capable with a distance capability of 500 km on a single charge. For such cars, parking lots are being re-equipped too. At the parking lots, a special territory with charging stations is allocated. It is not difficult for any owner of an electric car to find a charger.

Also, in the UAE, much attention is paid to developments related, for example, to the introduction of electric jets in aviation. One of the most promising projects in the UAE was the project of creating a civil airliner of the Wright Electric and EasyJet companies, which is capable to traveling at distances of 500 km without additional recharging, with a passenger capacity of 180 people. The joint project of the two leading companies will be able to provide all the related and necessary tasks, such as the creation of maintenance centers for such aircraft, charging points and all associated infrastructure. It is expected that the aircraft will begin its first flights in 2020-2021 and will connect Dubai and Oman.

The ambitious goal of introducing electrical engineering in the next 15 years has a positive impact on the environment, the preservation of non-renewable natural resources, and provides technological development over other countries on the world stage.