29 09 2020

The UAE will cover all residential areas with 5G to 2025

The UAE will cover all residential areas with 5G to 2025

By allocating additional frequencies, coverage of all settlements in the UAE with a 5G network is planned to the end of 2025.

The new generation network coverage is being done to achieve several goals that are very important for the region:

1 - Providing essential resources for international mobile applications;

2 - Strengthening its position in the telecommunications sector.

It is worth noting that the United Arab Emirates were the first who made available the 24.25-27.5 GHz frequencies for their residents in the Middle East and North Africa. With the new 5G network, mobile device manufacturers and operators will be able to benefit from all the necessary experiments to develop the entire telecommunications sector. After all, 5G opens new prospects that will clearly have a positive impact on development.

To add clarity, the power of the new frequencies is worth comparing 5G to 4G. The response time in a 5G network is 10 times faster than a 4G network. Also, the new network can consistently provide the maximum number of devices in a minimum amount of time in a specific range.

For the Internet of Things and applications created for “smart” cities, it is very important to have a huge number of devices that will be interconnected and can stably interact with each other. Here new frequencies come to the rescue. The planned allocation of 1 GHz for each operator located in the range of 25.5-27.5 GHz will happen in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

For the stable functioning of the "Internet of Things", the 5G standard is simply required. After all, thanks to this standard, it will be possible to connect millions of different devices to the Internet.

The 5G network will open new opportunities for the development and implementation of the latest technologies in economic spheres. It will be possible to significantly increase the productivity of robots in enterprises, as well as, remotely control various equipment, for example, agricultural. Medicine will take a step forward and it will become possible to conduct remote operations in real time.