An offshore company opening to implement investment projects

An offshore company opening to implement investment projects

One of the most popular ways to implement investment projects among international companies is to open an offshore company in the UAE. This method has several advantages:

    • Benefits of using offshore investing;

An offshore company brings benefits in the form of simplified taxation, and in the UAE you will be completely exempt from income tax. This is done to attract foreign investment. The incoming foreign resources stimulate the development of the economy, and thereby increase the standard of living and solvency of the population.

    • Asset protection;

Also, you get a full guarantee of the protection of your assets when creating an offshore for investment project. You will be protected from litigation, creditor penalties, coups and other unpleasant situations.

    • Confidentiality;

Continuing the list of advantages in offshore companies opening, it is worth noting complete confidentiality. By creating your own offshore company, you can be 100% sure that your personal and commercial data will not get to third parties. Confidentiality can be violated only in one case if your economic activity is an economic crime or is associated with the proliferation of weapons or drugs.

    • Level of service;

At your disposal will be the highest level of business service. Offshore banks are doing everything necessary to create favorable conditions for long-term and profitable cooperation for both parties.

    • Access to markets;

You will get full access to all available exchanges and markets in offshore jurisdictions, including those that you could not access from your own country.

Choosing the creation of an offshore organization, you follow the path of a large number of advantages and guaranteed safety and security of your assets.