Resident Visa

Resident Visa

The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. If you decide to obtain a residence permit in the Emirates, you should be aware of several options for obtaining residency in the UAE.

How businessman and entrepreneur can become a resident of the UAE?

1. The first option is to purchase real estate in the UAE;

When choosing to obtain a residence permit through the acquisition of real estate in Dubai and the UAE, consider the relevant pros, cons and some important conditions. Of the features, one can emphasize the very high cost of residential real estate. It is necessary to purchase housing worth from 1 million dirham ($ 270,000). In this case, you will not receive the right to work officially in the UAE. From the pros - you do not need to open your own company. Also, a prerequisite is that the property must be residential and completed.

2. The second is the opening of its own company. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen from all over the world.

You will need to register a company in and outside the Free Economy Zones of the UAE. You will be able to obtain a residence permit, as a shareholder of the company, for yourself and your family members. It is worth noting that your employees will also be able to obtain a residence permit.

One of the main advantages of the UAE is the absence of taxes. Therefore, many businessmen choose the UAE to conduct their business. After all, this is exactly the environment where you can freely realize your business potential. Comparing to buying a property, you do not need an impressive investment, and you can also get the right to work and do business inside the UAE. A residence permit is issued for two to three years, depending on the rules of the Free Economic Zone in which your company will be registered.

As for the deadlines, the whole process, from filing documents to obtaining official UAE resident status, takes about a month. The convenience of this obtaining residency method has already been appreciated by many entrepreneurs from around the world.