Visiting the United Arab Emirates on a visitor visa

Visiting the United Arab Emirates on a visitor visa

If your state does not have agreements and advantages over the UAE in the form of a visa-free regime, then, no matter what the purpose of your trip to the Emirates is, in any case, you will need a visa to enter the UAE to visit relatives or friends, or on business issues. This decision was made by the UAE authorities in 2001, because the UAE is a very successful and rapidly developing state, and the authorities did not want to allow uncontrolled migration. 33 countries have a visa-free regime with the UAE.

What kind of persons is eligible to invite to the United Arab Emirates?

Individuals or legal entities have the right to invite relatives or close friends to the UAE. However, there is one very important condition - individuals must have a residence in the United Arab Emirates, and as the legal entity need to be registered in the territory of the Emirates. All the necessary package is collected and submitted by the inviting person. After the documents are approved, the inviter must pay a deposit for the invited person, and when the invitee leaves the UAE, the deposit will be returned. If the inviter sends the invitation to a non-relative, then the documents are additionally reviewed and approved by the immigration service of the United Arab Emirates.

What visitor visas exist and what are their terms.

Visas are divided into two types. The first type makes it possible to stay in the UAE for 30 days, the second one - for 90 days. Such visas are called: short-term and long-term, respectively. After you have received a visa, you have 60 days to use it, if at the end of this period the visa has not been applied, it will be canceled. With a visa, you can arrive and depart from the United Arab Emirates through any operating airport. If you need to extend your visa, you need to submit the relevant documents and confirm the reason for the extension. If you will stay in the UAE after the visa has ended, you will be fined, and the amount depends on the number of overstay days.

A package of documents for a visa:

As we mentioned earlier, the main package of documents is made by the inviting person, and the invitee will be required to list the following documents:

- scan of a foreign passport in color;

- a scan of a photo certified by the inviter.

In case if the inviter is a physical person, then additionally it is necessary to attach:

- insurance;

- a document confirming the fact of relationship;

- a copy of the inviting person's passport;

- a document confirming the availability of the inviter's place of work.

The list of documents to be submitted is no different in the case of a long-term and short-term visa.

A mandatory moment is to check that the passport will be valid at the time of arrival in the UAE. Otherwise, entry will be prohibited.

A common reason for visa refusal.

The most popular reason is a technical error, if it occurs, the system can find a match in your data and the data of people from the prohibited list. Then you get a refusal, but this is not a reason to give up. This decision is contested and if you are not on the prohibited lists, you will be issued a visa. However, this will not happen so quickly, so we recommend that you take up the issue of obtaining a visa in advance in order to insure yourself against such unpleasant moments.