27 07 2020

What awaits you in case of immigration to the UAE?

What awaits you in case of immigration to the UAE?

UAE consist of 7 Emirates. Today the United Arab Emirates is considered a federation, and earlier, it was a British protectorate. The UAE has a very convenient location for international logistics. Neighbors from the southeast side are Oman, from the south and west is Saudi Arabia, from the north side is the Persian Gulf.

The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, but Dubai remains the more populated and famous city. The UAE has about nine million people.

In the UAE, the official languages are Arabic and English. The Dirham (AED) is the official currency that equates at AED 3.65 to one US dollar.

The Supreme Council, which is the supreme body, makes political decisions in the country. The Supreme Council is composed of sheikhs from each Emirate. Each of the Emirates has retained both economic, political and judicial autonomy. The rules governing regulations in the Emirates are different for each Emirate. There are uniform laws for all 7 Emirates and laws for each of the Emirates separately.

The UAE has chosen the path of an open and liberal economy, which has made the country one of the richest in the world. The UAE records a trade surplus every year, and per capita income is quite impressive.

Many people think that the Arab Emirates is very dependent on oil, but this is not entirely true. Of course, oil prices have an impact on the economy to some extent. It is worth noting that the UAE government every year more and more reduces the level of these fluctuations due to competent economic diversification. Now the emphasis is on the development of finance, trade relations and the tourism sector.

The creation of Free Economic Zones was a big step towards a more extensive use of the private business sector. Thanks to them, the UAE began to attract foreign capital.

Take Dubai, where oil revenues are only 3 percent, as a case in point. Dubai can rightfully be considered a leader and a major player in the export market, as well as a major regional retail center. In terms of the volume of transported goods, it ranks 9th in the whole world and it will definitely not stop there.

Dubai has become a must-see destination for tourists. Here you will find everything you need for quality rest and entertainment. Fine hotels are especially popular, as they play a big role in the real estate sector and beyond. It is not just that Dubai has become a financial center in the region in a relatively short time.

The high standard of living and security, both for finances and for daily life in general, makes the UAE an even more attractive destination for immigration.